Aria Hotel and Casino–Las Vegas

I just got back from a week in Las Vegas, and stayed at the Aria. I thought it might be nice to share my opinion with the world, not that any of you really care, but I will share anyway. Smile

Technology – I have to admit that I was impressed by the room technology. From the panel by the bed, you can easily control all of the lights in the room, the temperature, and the TV along with the window coverings. You walk into the room, and you can have it automatically turn on lights, and turn on music or the TV. Pretty nice. The room keys are proximity keys, and I have to admit that I liked them.

Bars – I visited a couple of the bars, and the prices were not too outrageous considering that it is Las Vegas. However, there was nothing special.

Casino – Yep, they have all the typical Casino games. Nothing new, here.

Shows – Zarkan by Cirque du Soleil looked like a great show, but I never made it there. I was just a little too busy.

Food – Lots of different places in the building, and lots of options for the type of food. Nothing out of the ordinary, though.

Mini Bar – EFF ME! The prices are just absolutely stupid. They will even charge you $50 a day if you want to put something in the fridge to cool it off.

Fit and Finish – I have to admit that I look at the construction more and more when I am at hotels and restaurants. I noticed that the marble tiling was poorly laid, and badly chipped at the seams, and very poorly grouted. The carpet was poorly laid. The seams were obvious, and in many cases were frayed. When at The Buffet (food was meh, service was poor), I noticed that the counters were horribly built. Not only was the stone not fit closely, the caulking was coming out and each and every seam was clearly visible. For the amount of money involved, you would think they could make sure that quality materials and workmanship went into the construction.

Summary: Nothing special, and certainly not worth the money.

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