Dream–Raising Polar Bears

The cold weather just does something to me. In this case, it appears to have influenced my dreams.

I found that it is really easy to acquire Polar Bears over the Internet. I ordered two of them as a breeding pair, and they were delivered. Along with the bears, I also ordered tons and tons of ice and snow. I had them put it all in my back yard, and, in preparation, I had my fences raised and reinforced. As I was worried about the bears digging under the fence, I also had steel bars driven deep into the ground.

The bears really liked my back yard. I could sit out on my deck and watch them play all day. They are so beautiful and awe inspiring.

Right before I woke up, they were just delivering the life seals so that the bears can hunt them. I can’t believe how much seals cost. It is ridiculous!

Anyway, I called the HOA today. They said that there is no way that my dream can be a reality.

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