Emergency Bag

In our current world, it is really easy to think that if I have a cell phone, that is all I really need. I can call for help in an emergency.

It is now getting into the cold months of Winter here in Colorado, which has made me think that it is time to re-assess my limited view on this topic. I think it would do us all a great deal of good to think about what we would like to have for an emergency, and more importantly, what we would like our loved ones to have available to them in the event of an emergency.

In the world of preppers, this kit of materials is also referred to as a Get Home Bag. Meaning, what would you need if it hit the fan and you were on the road and needed to get home. My view of materials might be close to a prepper’s point of view.

Anyway, let’s cover some of the basics.

  • First Aid Kit
  • Emergency Food
  • A change of clothes – warm ones
  • and????

The first aid kit is an easy one. There are lots of them available and they can be cheaply acquired. Make sure the kit includes stuff like antihistamines, antibiotics, and pain killers.

Emergency food is also fairly simple. Foods that provide energy and can be stored for long-terms in cold or hot times. Also, don’t forget some bottled water. Maybe a couple of MREs that you can get pretty easily from an outdoors retailer. Eating utensils would be a good edition, if needed.

Clothes are also fairly easy, but it is also easy to steal from the kit. Oops, I forgot my gloves and it is cold. Oh well, I will just take them from the kit. They should also be weather resistant. I would strongly recommend a rain poncho or two, as well.

The last section is the hardest one. So, I thought I would provide my thoughts, and see what makes sense. So, what should be included in the and section?

  • Backpack – You will want something to pack everything into, and something that can be carried in the event that it is decided that the car needs to be abandoned.
  • Self Defense – This may be something as simple as pepper spray, or an assault pen, or even a baton. I know many people that would include a gun cleaning kit and extra ammo, but then there are many people that don’t believe in guns. I would also include a good whistle in this area.
  • Money – Not just folding cash, but some change to use in vending machines and possibly pay phones.
  • Auto road side kit – You can probably get one from AAA or any good auto parts store. It should have jumper cables, and basic tools. Let’s not forget everything required to change a flat tire. How about a tow strap?
  • A couple of good knives – While this might fall under self-defense, I can think of so many reasons to have a good knife or two.
  • Lights – This would include flashlights, preferably nice and powerful LED hand held lights, and I would also recommend some chemical lights and flares. Something with a red lens, too, in case there is a worry about being too visible to others.
  • Plastic bags and space blankets– Large garbage bags that can be used to keep the rain off as well as many other reasons as well as some smaller ones for keeping your stuff organized as well as dry.  Space blankets are great for helping to maintain body heat without taking up much room.
  • Fire starting materials – Matches, lighters,  and a Ferrocerium fire starter.
  • Personal hygiene items – Who can’t use some wet wipes and even a wash cloth? How about some toilet paper? I am sure you can think of other items. Keep it small, though.
  • Para cord – It has many uses for short and long term survival.
  • Water filter – I am starting to like the idea of having a life straw included in the kit.
  • Folding shovel – Maybe an entrenching tool as it can be used as an ax and as a hammer.
  • Cat litter or sand – Traction for the tires, and this would not need to be put into the back pack, though.

What did I miss?

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