Crazy Dream: Treat or Treat for Purses

I have to share this one because I think it is one of my better dreams.

In this dream, I am out trick or treating with Melissa Travers. Those that know Melissa will better understand this dream.

Anyway, in this dream, we are our current ages, but for some reason Melissa is in costume and I am in my regular clothes acting like her father and standing at the end of the walk while she goes up to the house. Melissa keeps getting purses at each house. Again, for those that know her, this makes sense.

This dream goes on for a bit with varying results at each house. In some cases, Melissa squeals like a little school girl and bounces around about her “score” of a really nice purse. At other places, she is not very happy about the quality of the purse and complains about the stitching. the material of the outside or inside of the purse, the handle or the strap. In a couple of cases, I have to hold Melissa back as she want to go back to the house and give them their piece of crap back. In one case, she started mumbling about a good trick like egging their house. It was at that point that I said to her that she was being way to cranky and it was time to go home to bed.

I completely forgot about this dream until Melissa posted on Facebook about how much candy she gave away today.

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