Braun-esty is a Different Level of Lying

I am learning to love the ability of athletes to reach down deep and come up with a load of bull-shit.

There are several levels of lying, if I understand the art correctly.

  • Not responding when asked – An example, “What do you think about using PEDs?” The response being to get up and walk away.
  • Pretending that it never happened. “What? Canseco says he injected me with steriods? Nah, it was B-12.”
  • Making up a “white” lie – The usual, “Do these PEDs make my head look big?” The response of, “No it looks fine.”
  • Doing the “I don’t remember.” It is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Ignoring it. McGuire tried that one by saying “I’m not going to go into the past or talk about my past. I’m here to make a positive influence on this.”
  • Pretending you don’t understand. Remember when Sammy Sosa acted like he didn’t understand English when in front of Congress.
  • Out and out lying about it, i.e. “I have never used steroids. Period.” Yep, that was Palmeiro.
  • Braunesty – Swearing on your life that you didn’t do it, AND ruining the life of another person by saying that he tainted your sample. Throwing the guy that did the blood draw under the bus.

Braun really pisses me off, but A-Rod isn’t far behind, in my mind.

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