Armorer Classes–Front Sight

Several people know that I took a few days of armorer classes the other week. They couldn’t help but know as I bragged on and on about that a great time that I had.

I took four different courses during the week.

  1. Glock
  2. Springfield XD
  3. 1911
  4. AR-15

Glocks – I have never been a big Glock fan like many people out there. I have one, a Glock There really are not many parts in a Glock. After four hours, I can tear it down completely in under five minutes. I could go faster, but then I would have to find the springs later after they go shooting off all over the place. I am happy so far.17. I like it. I will shoot it on occasion, and I appreciate it. After the class, I have to say that I have a new appreciation for Glocks. They are so incredibly easy to tear down into a pile of parts and put back together, that I am able to do it in well under 15 minutes now. It was nice seeing all of the components and being able to do some close inspection of the internals to make sure it was in good shape.

XD – My very first pistol was an XDM .45. I have shot many guns before, over time, but itMy XDm-9, all torn down except for the grip safety, the mag release, and the extractor spring. was the first pistol that I owned. I love it. I also love my plain and simple XD 9, and my XDm 9. They are all fantastic. I used my XDm 9 for the class and almost regretted it. The instructor knew XD pistols really well, but he didn’t have a great grasp of XDm pistols. My good friend, Rodney R. Fournier, was able to figure out a couple of key pieces that the instructor didn’t get, and we muddled our way through the class. I am very comfortable working on my XD and XDm pistols, now.

You may notice that I didn’t take off the grip safety or the magazine release in this picture, but I know that I can.

1911 –  The third day was 1911 day. It was a blast to see so many different 1911’s in the1911 classroom. I was worried about the 1911 because I have heard all of the stories about the zillion parts and how they are often different. In class, it was apparent. The guys that has Sigs were all using their hammers, and banging loudly. The Sigs have such tight tolerances that they are a major pain to get torn down and put back together. The guys, and gals, that had Kimbers were the ones that cussed the loudest. They were finding that Kimber had replaced many of the standard parts with proprietary ones and had made some mods to the 1911 that made it really difficult to tear them down and get them back together. The one that was the funniest, though, were the Colt Gold Cup owners. There were four of them in class and each and every one of them were on the floor at one point or another looking for a spring. The Gold Cups have an extra spring on the seer that is incredibly small and easy to lose. Two of the four ended up losing the seer spring.

AR-15 – The last day was the AR. It was a good time, but not as fun as the other classes as they didn’t want those of us with floating rails to take them and the barrels off, so we were limited in how much we could do. I didn’t bother taking any pictures of the tear down as I spent most of my time helping a guy next to me that didn’t have a clue. It was nice to help somebody else, though, so I still had a great day.

Overall, I loved the week, and I learned a huge amount of information. I may have to go again next year.

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