Myth: The NRA Buys Elections

The NRA is well known for its lobbying efforts and its contributions to candidates that support its cause. However, just what kind of money do they throw around when it comes to candidate contributions?

In 2012, it was $1.46 Million, with a little rounding up. OK, so that is 100 Senators and 435 House Members. So, spread evenly, that would be $2,729 each, Really. That is all. OK, it is clear that the NRA doesn’t spend that way. So, let’s look at it.

  • 26 House Democrats – Total of $116,150 for an average of $4,467.31
  • 1 Senate Democrat – Total of $6,500
  • 222 House Republicans – Total of $677,488 for an average of #3,051.75
  • 8 Senate Republicans – Total of $41,699 for an average of $5,212.38

Knowing what we know about campaign finances, does anyone really think that much money is enough to get anyone elected.

Of course the NRA is very slanted toward the Republican party. After all, on the balance, way more Republicans support gun ownership than Democrats.

To be fair, the NRA also contributes to Lobbying ($2.98 Million in 2012).

Again, that really is a small amount compared to many organizations.

Let’s compare for a minute to some other organizations and their donations for 2008 (it has gone up since then):

Yep, the NRA is a huge evil beast when it comes to these donations. After all, the National Education Association only contributes more than 30 times as much, and it is more like 40 times as much in the last year.

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