Spring Training 2012–Cactus League

This year was my second annual trip to Spring Training in Arizona.

Yes, I had a blast. The ball parks are nice and cozy, the players are friendlier, and you get to see not only most of the teams’ best players, but you get to see some of the upcoming prospects play before everyone else sees them up in the Major Leagues. I really loved that you could get some incredible seats for a reasonable price.

This year, I got to see lots of the Colorado Rockies (four games) and some other teams: The Angels, Royals, Dodgers, A’s, Rangers, Giants, and the Cubs. I didn’t take pictures at every game, but I did take lots of pictures include some panoramas of my two favorite parks.

I just love the Rockies/Diamondbacks park at Salt River.

Ball Park -Salt River AZ


BallPark SaltRiver


I also enjoyed the ball park in Surprise that hosts the Royals and the Rangers.

BallPark-Surprise AZ


Yes, the seats were great. Sixth row, eighth row, and second row for all of the games. The absolutely worst seats we had were the ones where we could hear Helton talking to the opposing players as they came to first. Of course, we didn’t hear anything for the first four innings as Jaime Moyer pitched four perfect innings. Moyer also had a nice hit and went from first to third on the next hit.



If you haven’t taken a trip to Spring Training, I strongly recommend it. I had a great time and will do it again multiple times in the future.

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