New Toys, New Pain


A few weeks ago, I decided to finally pick up a rifle and start shooting again. I may even break down and hunt this year. More importantly, it is vital to prepare for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.

Anyway, I picked up a nice Remington 700 SPS chambered for .308 Winchester rounds. I have to say that I absolutely love it. I added a nice scope and a bipod, and now I am ready for Zombies at distances around 500 yards which is about quarter mile. YES! Down go those Zombies before they even can see me.

A few weeks ago, I joined some friends to do some shooting at the range. What a blast! It makes loud noises and punches holes in things very nicely.

The picture to the right is a stock photo, but it is a good representation.

XDmA couple of weeks ago, I realized that the rifle wasn’t enough when it comes to Zombies. So, I went ahead and got a nice .45 to handle short range requirements. I have to admit that it took me a good while to figure out which .45 to get. After weighing options and realizing that I can always buy more later. I went with a Springfield  XDm .45 with a 4.5” barrel.

I absolutely love this hand gun.

XDmTargetSo, off to the range again, but this time with both the rifle and the XDm. The first couple of shots were a little all over the place. My first round was high. Then I had a couple of rounds go low. By the time that I finished the first magazine, I was pretty dialed-in and hitting everything nice and centered. The second magazine went really well, too. Damn, I love this gun.

The pain?

Well, that came on my very last shot for my rifle. I had one round left, and I wanted to end the day with a perfect shot. So, I did what many people do: I got nice and close to make sure I had a perfect view through the scope. The problem was that I got too close. Now many people that have been shooting for a few years have probably seen many people do the same thing that I did. I popped myself in the forehead with the recoil of the shot. The ring of the scope hit me nice and hard and split the skin nicely. The blood kind of spurted and dripped all over my shirt and started hitting the ground. I left a nice trail to the restroom. I felt like an idiot, but on the positive side, it was a perfect shot!

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One Response to New Toys, New Pain

  1. Steve says:

    Dude, I’m with you and I feel your pain trying to explain to ignorant twits that less guns = more crime. I came to the conclusion that people these days have gone soft and dont undertsand the basics of why the formers of the US constitution wrote it the way they did. Bottom line – those advocating gun control are either ignorant or power hungry socilaists. Stalin, Chairman Mao, Hitler and Pol Pot all agree – gun control makes it easier to kill your enemies. Nuff said.
    And no, I’m no redneck, but rather someone who understands history all too well.

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