Our Lives and Advanced Technology

I got  a wild hair yesterday, and decided to document my day when it comes to advanced electronics. That means that I didn’t take into account basic electricity and appliances like can openers and microwave ovens.

  • I started my day by turning off the alarm on my smart phone. I then checked my email, and answered a couple of email messages.
  • After a shower and breakfast, I logged onto my main home PC to join a Live Meeting for an online class.
  • While in my online meeting, I started up my work laptop so that I could log in and check my emails at work and process some tickets during my breaks in class. It wouldn’t be fair to count the numerous servers that I used during my time connected to the office.
  • My work cell phone rang, so I had to answer it. This is a separate phone from my personal phone.
  • During lunch, I decided to catch up on a TV show that I watch, so I turned on my Xbox and TV in my bedroom and sat in the chair. The Xbox connects to a media server in the basement. TOTAL by lunch time = 7
  • Before starting back with my online class, I took a picture of the snow using my favorite digital camera with a before and after of the sidewalk and driveway. I worked from home because of the snow. I have a great job!
  • Once class finished up, I decided to make some dinner. I pulled up the recipe on the kitchen PC.
  • While dinner was cooking, I grabbed my iPad and caught up on Facebook.
  • I ate dinner while watching the football game on the living room TV.
  • I got a page on my work phone (already counted it) and grabbed my personal laptop  which is usually next to the couch to lookup the correct syntax for the command that I wanted the operations guys to run.
  • After the game was over, I was bored, so I fired up the Xbox in the living room and watched a movie.
  • After the movie, I decided to read a little, so I grabbed my Kindle Fire and read a couple of chapters.

That was my day. Total advanced pieces of technology used during the day = 14. Granted, I could have used more if I went out of my way, but I found it interesting that I used so many different devices. I learned a really important thing yesterday: I am a technology addict.

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