Kindle Fire

I think I have mentioned before how much I loved my Kindle. If not, consider it done. I have had a Kindle for a couple of years. I know that I have had it well over a year because it recently died and it is no longer under warranty. I was seriously bummed.

So, I installed Kindle on my iPad. This worked fine for a bit, but I just didn’t like the size of the iPad for a reader.

So, I broke down and purchased a Kindle Fire. So far, I love it. I haven’t really used any of the Prime features that much, so I may not purchase Prime for it after my one month trial runs out. I did play some movies and some TV shows just to test the experience, and it was pretty nice. But, I would only want to watch movies and TV while on the road. That leads to the biggest negative: it doesn’t have a 3G or 4G connection so that I can Web browse while traveling. The browser, though, runs really well when on my home Wi-Fi. The Fire is extremely easy to use, and very intuitive. Well, one thing got to me that made me think for a bit. I was reading a book and couldn’t readily figure out how to get back to the home screen. Of course, it is simple, you just touch the middle of the screen. It took me a couple of minutes to figure that out, but I am sure it is part of the owner’s manual, which I didn’t read.

The one thing that jumped out at me was how much heavier the Fire is that the previous versions of the Kindle. Some of the guys that I know that have a Playbook (if I haven’t mentioned it, I hate Blackberry stuff) immediately thought that I also had a Playbook until I turned it on. The size and weight of the Playbook is very similar.

So, the question I get all the time now is: “Which do you prefer between the Kindle Fire and the iPad?” Well, to be perfectly honest, I use my Kindle way more than I use the iPad. If I could only have one, it would be the iPad. I just like the size of the Fire. A good friend of mine feels the opposite, though, and he has a great analogy: The Kindle Fire is methadone to iPad’s heroin. OK, that may be a bit harsh, but that was his take. Smile

All in all, I really like the Fire. I just have to decide whether to continue my Prime account.

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