Dual Monitors–Fell off the Horse

One of my favorite sayings is, “This isn’t my first rodeo!”

Well, I definitely fell off the horse today, and I am not too ashamed to admit it. Smile

I have set up dual monitors on many computers over the years. Today, I just set up dual monitors with my laptop docking station. It didn’t go very well. So, here are the simple steps.

Unpack and place monitors on desk. Easy so far, eh?

  1. Plug monitors into wall. Whew!
  2. Hook up cables to docking station. OK, this is the hard part. Knowing which port is the primary and which one is the secondary is a 50/50 deal if you really don’t know for sure which is which.
  3. Fire up turn on docking station and laptop.
  4. Start up Windows, and… yep, they are backwards. Well, that is easy to fix.
  5. Shut down Windows.
  6. Unplug monitors from the docking station, switch the cables, and plug them back in.
  7. Start up Windows, and… WTF? They are still backwards. It must have been that I am too tired and made a mistake switching the cables. No problem.
  8. Shut down Windows.
  9. Unplug monitors from the docking station, switch the cables (paying extra close attention), and plug them back in.
  10. Start up Windows, and… WHAT? Are you kidding me?
  11. Move left monitor to the right side of the desk.
  12. Move right monitor to the left side of the desk.
  13. Yep… that worked.

Of course, many of my geek friends are saying, “Geez, Russ, you are a moron. Why didn’t you just move them in the display properties so that left is right and right is left?”

I can’t answer that one, but all that matters to me is that the primary monitor is on the left and the secondary monitor is on the right.

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