After several trips to the mother ship for resupplies (also known as CostCo), I bought a SodaStream machine.

The idea is simple: You can carbonate your own water and add flavoring, and thus have your own soda ready made when you want it.

The benefits are:

  • No lugging around large bottles or cases of canned soda
  • No storing large bottles or cases of soda
  • Reduced packaging and less trash
  • Cost savings per liter

However, what convinced me is that I can control the amount of syrup that is used and the level of carbonation. I really like my soda extra carbonated.

Anyway, I bought the kit that has the samples and started experimenting that day. While the flavors are not an exact match for the brand name sodas out there, it is very comparable. I also love that extra shot of carbonation that I can add to my soda. Right now, my favorite flavor is the diet root beer. The teenagers really like the energy drink.

Whether this move will result in cost savings is yet to be determined, but I am really liking the convenience. I can see this would be a great solution for many people, and it is certainly a greener solution when it comes to the environment.

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One Response to SodaStream

  1. John says:

    Marianne got us one … after seeing that Jen in Oceanside was using SodaStream to wean herself from cans of Tab.
    Check out the SodaStream website to find “refill” options for the cartridges. And there are some adapter kits to facilitate filling from other CO2 sources.

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