Another Reason I Love Technology–Scanning Pictures

I dropped off my nephew and my youngest son at their Grandmother’s house today. To my surprise, my Mom had several of the old photo albums out and ready for me.

I had asked a long time ago for my Mom to scan some of the old pictures for me so that I can have a digital copy. Well, she is ready to do it.

So, we sat down, and I went through three of the oldest albums and pulled pictures for her to scan. I can’t wait to get the digital copies.

Here is one of the ones that my brother had scanned many years ago, and I hope to get several others done. My Grandmother, on my Dad’s side, was a very special person, and it really is great to have even just a couple of pictures of her along with the many others in my family.

Twenty years ago, to get a copy of a simple picture like this would have taken a week or more, and it would have involved trusting it to the photo center. They would have to make a negative of the picture, then print out a copy. The quality of the copy would also be less than the original despite the best efforts of the photo shop. The original would also tend to deteriorate over time as it faded.

Today, a high quality scanner is easily affordable by most people and can scan and generate a digital copy with practically no deterioration of the image. Time? About 3 to 5 minutes. Also, it is very unlikely that the original will be lost, and once it is in a digital format, it will never fade.

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