Apple Store Reservation–Requires Safari

Wow, now I am pissed off.

I have a phone acting up, which is not the first time I have had phone issues. So, I went online to make an appointment for the nearest Apple Store. So far, so good. I learned the value of an appointment after having to wait over two hours the first time that I had to go there for support.

Anyways, I went online and clicked on the link to set an appointment. Would you believe that it REQUIRES the Safari browser to set an appointment? So, I had to download and install the Safari browser on my PC just to set an appointment. What a pain.

Well it gets even better. During my navigation, I ran into an issue and needed to back up a page in the browser. Of course, it wouldn’t let me, and I had to start all over again.


I really need to change to Windows Phone 7 pretty soon before Apple drives me crazy with its issues.

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One Response to Apple Store Reservation–Requires Safari

  1. Jason says:

    Dude go for an Android powered phone…the rest stink.

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