Mobile Technology at its Best–Taxi Magic

My day started at 6am Easter time here in DC. I got ready for the day and packed up my stuff for my flight later day.

As I was getting ready, I looked outside and saw lots of rain. I had no desire to walk in the heavy rain, so I needed a cab. I had already packed up my laptop and didn’t want to unpack it just so I could look up the number of the taxi company and then call for a cab.

What to do, what to do… The answer was to grab my phone, install the Taxi Magic app while I finished getting ready, then use the app. I ordered my cab, tracked its arrival, got in and rode to my destination. Once we arrived, I used my phone to pay the taxi and give the driver a nice tip, thanked the driver, and got out.

Being a geek has its advantages. Smile

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