Goodbye ‘Melo–I Don’t Think We Will Miss You

I posted about ‘Melo and his BS earlier, here:

The end result of all of this BS has been that:

  • ‘One of ‘Melo’s last acts was to lie about his meeting with the Nets right before he went to the meeting.
  • ‘Melo got what he wanted in that he went to the Knicks.
  • ‘Melo was shown to be full of BS in that he went to a team that has been striped of most of its talent and has no chance to win a championship anytime soon.

The Knicks ended up trading away their entire starting lineup except for Amare. I remember ‘Melo clearly stating that he wanted to go somewhere where he can win a championship. By refusing to sign with Denver, he was basically saying that he didn’t think the Nuggets could win it all. That was pretty wild in that they have been doing well the last few years and had a chance to be a great team. Of course, that would require that Denver had a small forward that could play D. Yeah, ‘Melo was right, Denver would not win with a one dimensional player at his position. If ‘Melo played up to his abilities, it would have been another matter. He is very capable of being an excellent defender, he just chooses not to be one.

Anyways, ‘Melo got what he wanted in that he is now in NY. He will not get what he wants in getting a championship anytime soon, though, as NY has been stripped of much of its talent.

I feel bad for all of the other players that got caught up in the ‘Melo BS. It is too bad that players that liked their lives and their place in the community are being uprooted because of ‘Melo and his wife’s desire to live in NY. However, I have to also admit that he had earned that right by giving seven years to Denver, but that doesn’t make it any better for the other players that had to pack their bags.

I just wish he had been honest in his dealings with the Nuggets and their fans instead of playing the games that he played.

‘Melo, we won’t miss you. The city of Denver has proven that we will embrace those that commit to our community, and you obviously weren’t one of them.

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