Kyle Orton: Let Him Go, John(s).

Dear John Fox and John Elway,

Kyle Orton is a good QB. I hope I made that clear. Orton has proven that he can win with the right supporting pieces around him. Orton has shown, though, that he just can’t get it done when it is most important. Orton was horrible in third down conversions and was even worse when it came to red zone production.

Despite the production issues, Orton is not the QB that I want on the team for two reasons:

  • Orton is not the leader that the team needs
  • Orton is not the mentor that Tebow needs

It is strange, but in many teams, the best players on the team work with their backups on a regular basis and do what they can to make them better. Why? Well, it is just the right thing to do in team sports. You want your team to be better, and that is done by helping your team members. I guess it would be different if this were tennis. You don’t want to make your direct competition better. but this is not an individual sport.

How bad is the relationship between Orton and Tebow? Well, I think the average fan could easily see that once Tebow was starting. Never did Orton go to Tebow during a game and give him advice or feedback. Never did he tell the press that Tebow was important to the team and he would help Tebow out. At the end of the season, it appears that Orton had a huge issue with Tebow. Orton took the offensive line and the third string QB (Quinn) to Vegas, but never invited Tebow.

Tebow, on the other hand, did a great job as the backup in that he supported Orton throughout the season. Tebow admitted that he wanted to play and contribute, but he never knocked Orton. He often said that Orton was having a great season and that he only wanted what was best for the team. Tebow often said that he supported the coaching staff in their decisions.

I have used the Batman and Robin analogy a few times in the past. There are certain players that are Batman types and there are certain players that are Robin types. Worse yet, there are players that are Robin that think they are Batman. You can see the Batman types in the NBA. Those are the players that want the ball at crunch time. Those are the players that not only want the ball, but they are the ones that get it done. You can see the Batman types in the NHL. When there is an odd-man rush, they are not afraid to take the shot. They are the ones that piss off the goalie because they are coming full-speed and they know they are going to have to try to make a save on a hard shot. Robin? Well, he may take the shot if it is given to him, but most likely, he is the guy passing to Batman.

Orton is a Robin. He is skilled, but when push comes to shove, he isn’t the personality that knows that he can get it done.  He doesn’t exude confidence. He doesn’t make it happen. Orton is glad to throw the ball to another player and let them make the play. Orton is at his worst when it is time for him to get dirty. Orton is fine with throwing the ball and if the receiver catches it, then that is great. If the receiver fails to catch it, well, that is out of his hands, and he is OK with that, too.

Tebow is a Batman. Tebow goes into the huddle and everyone just knows that he can get it done. Not only do the other players feel it, but Tebow himself feels it. Tebow will do what it takes to move the chains and to get the ball into the end zone even if it means that he has to take the ball under his arms and run it. Tebow is not afraid to get dirty.

While I understand that many people think it is a bad thing to have a QB that isn’t afraid to mix it up because that type of QB is more likely to get hurt, I think it is easy to see that a QB that is willing to lead by example and mix it up is the kind of QB that everyone wants to play with when it comes to crunch time.

If I were on the field and I have a choice between Orton and Tebow, I would take Tebow every single time.

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