Toe Heaters

I woke up today after a great night and morning and afternoon of sleep. One of the joys of sleeping in over the weekend is getting a chance to finish a good dream.

Those that have known me over the years know that I have strange dreams.

Anyway, today was a great dream.

It started with me being outside shoveling the sidewalk. OK, I realize that many of you scoff at this notion of me shoveling the sidewalk, and that is completely fair. I haven’t shoveled snow since the kids have been big enough to get out there and shovel. Anyway, I was outside shoveling and talking to the rabbits in the neighborhood as they cruised by. The rabbits asked if the dogs were still inside and if they could take a short cut through the back yard to the neighbor’s yard. The rabbits like the neighbor’s yard because they have nice lawn furniture and a really nice water feature that they can use for bathing and drinking. Also, the neighbor grows carrots and other veggies. While there was lots of snow, they still liked the yard as it brought back great memories of the summer.

I noticed that, after a long time outside shoveling snow and taking breaks to talk to the rabbits, that my toes were getting really cold. Not just cold, but real cold. Oddly enough, it was around this time that I woke up and fixed the blankets that the wife was stealing from me.

Back in my dream, I had a great idea for an invention called “Toe Heaters” and went to work in the garage. I won’t share the details of the invention as somebody here might try to steal my idea. I made these incredible toe heaters and went back outside to try them out. They worked wonderfully. I finished shoveling my sidewalk and then did the neighbor’s sidewalks, too. The rabbits stopped again to talk and I told them about my new invention. They were really excited and wanted to know if they could try them out as their toes get pretty cold in the snow, too.

To summarize the end of the dream, the rabbits all worship me now. I am their hero.

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