Technology and the Holidays

Christmas is coming. It is coming fast. With Christmas come the presents, and I am seeing more and more of those presents being high tech presents.

My wife received her new phone early, but she knows it is her Christmas present. I am still debating what to get the kids, but I am sure it will involve a high tech addition or two to the house.

One of my aunts once said that visiting our home was really like going to Best Buy. I guess she is right. What can I say, I love technology!

I have a plan, though, for this year that I need to get rolling. I need some new network cable run to three different places in the house. Earlier this year, I upgraded from a 10/100 switch to a gigabit switch (24 ports, and I have three open ones ports) and upgraded the cabling for those drops that needed it. Thankfully, most of the cable was already Cat 5e. I also upgraded our Internet bandwidth.

After I get the network drops done, I will probably add another wireless access point to improve the single on the upper floor of the house. Of course, it will be 802.11N.

What is next? Well, that is a surprise, but I need those new network drops in place first.

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