Last Words on Josh McDaniels (I Hope)

It was an interesting evening yesterday with Josh McDaniels being let go.

As I have blogged about for over a year, I just don’t think he was a good choice to start. I had lots of concerns about his ego/personality and how he interacts with players and other coaches. As time went by, I also had huge concerns about his ability to evaluate player talent.

One of the more interesting aspects of letting McD go yesterday was trying to figure out who would be the interim head coach. It is really interesting to me that he didn’t really surround himself with great talent. Most teams have somebody that can step in, but Denver didn’t have a clear choice. While I am sure the interim coach is going to get us through the rest of the year, it is also clear to me that nobody on the staff is the kind of person that would be a permanent choice.

The lack of a clear choice for interim head coach also kind of shows what the Broncos had in McD. Why he didn’t have top quality coordinators or other coaches that have the clear ability to be a head coach seems to confirm my concerns about his ego. If this has happened last year, Nolan would have been the perfect choice to step in and complete the season, but he was run off last year by McD.

Oh well. I am sure McD will learn from this situation. I hope he learned from the experience. He certainly has the talent to be an NFL coach, but he needs to learn the personal skills necessary to be a great NFL coach. I really hope he works on that area for the future.

As to the Broncos and the future, I really hope the team gets a strong GM and then hires a top-quality person that can help turn the team around.

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