Windows Phone 7–Samsung Focus

I really want an HTC Mozart. I really want it and want it now. I want the Mozart for myself.

Yesterday, I picked up a Samsung Focus for the wife. It was a good deal, and there was a buy one get one free from AT&T, so that made it even more attractive (the extra one is still in the box). I also got the invisibleSHIELD for both phones along with the car charger and some other nice freebies. The AT&T rep even put the invisibleSHIELD on the phones for me. What great service!

After less than 24 hours, I heard, “I really like this phone” at least five different times.

I have only been allowed to play with the phone a few minutes here and there, and I have to admit that it is a really nice device. The form factor is fantastic. It is nice and thin and feels solid. I configured the email in a matter of moments. I set up the rest of the phone and showed the wife how to set up her contacts and how to pin the kids and her Mom on the main menu of the phone to make it really easy to call them.

I used the phone this morning to take a couple of pictures. While the Mozart has a much better camera, the 5 MP camera in the Focus is still pretty good. It takes some really nice pictures and is certainly much better than my iPhone when it comes to pictures.

Since Windows Phone 7 is new to me, I will have to sneak her phone away every now and then so I can start to get used to it. It is starting to look like this will be a bit of a challenge, though.

From what I have seen in the very small amount of time that I have had with this phone, I have to say that I really think it is a big time winner. Microsoft did a great job.

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