McDaniels Just Can’t Stay Out Of Trouble

Of course most Denver Bronco fans know that McDaniels is a young coach. Young and inexperienced. Of course, there is also an issue with some negative personality traits that I have discussed in earlier blog posts.

McDaniels has trouble communicating and gaining the respect of some players which leads him to chasing off great players. He makes terrible personnel decisions as well. For example:

  • Chased off Tony Scheffler, a really fantastic receiving TE that is living the good life in Detroit of all places and playing really well
  • Traded Peyton Hillis (now a cult hero in Cleveland) along with a draft pick for Brady Quinn – Hillis has been nothing short of amazing as a full time player
  • Cut Ryan Torain before training camp even started – he is a major contributor for the Redskins
  • Wasted a 2nd round pick on a TE, Richard Quinn who has been about worthless and beats women
  • Wasted a 1st round pick (number 14) to get Alphonso Smith and ended up trading him for a TE that was a 7th round pick – Smith is also living the good life for Detroit and is playing extremely well
  • Signed Jarvis Green to a nice free agent contract and ended up cutting him before the season started
  • Traded a fourth round pick for Lawrence Maroney, currently the fourth-string RB on the roster.

McDaniels has also displayed some real character flaws when it comes to his treatment of others.

  • He basically called out Brandon Marshall for failing to play when he was injured. He called him out by suspending him and then announcing to the press that he didn’t believe that he was hurt enough to miss a game. Wow. A coach that thinks he is a medical doctor as well as a coach.
  • He benched Scheffler last year because he felt that Scheffler had an “attitude” problem – which translates to he had a disagreement with the coach and the coach flexed his muscles by benching him
  • He trashed talked opposing players during games.
  • He chased of his defensive coordinator, Mike Nolan, last year and Nolan did an incredible job of turning around the defense and getting it going on the right track not to mention that great job he has done in Miami this year

However, what really irks me is that McDaniels was with the Patriots when they were caught cheating in the spygate scandal. Not only did McDaniels hire the person that was directly involved in the taping of opposing teams in spygate, but now they have found that the same person broke the rules by taping the 49ers in London. So, either McDaniels was involved, or he was just plain stupid to hire somebody that he knows has broken the rules multiple times in the past. In both cases,it is a sign of a flaw in his thinking. This kind of behavior can’t be allowed to continue, and McDaniels needs to do his part to set the proper tone for the organization. He failed in this case.

To end on a couple of positive notes, I have to say that there are some traits that I really like when it comes to McDaniels. He is a risk taker and it is through such risks that you can really make big and positive changes to an organization. For example, he took a big risk on drafting Tebow. He took a big risk on drafting an injured receiver late in the first round, too. I think Tebow will pay off big, and Thomas is proving that it was a good risk to get him while injured.

I certainly hope to see the Broncos rebound in the next couple of years. I think they certainly have the personnel to do it, but they really need to get a couple of good linemen in the next draft or a super stud line backer to help with the run defense.

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