Genius Scan iPhone App

I was working on some expenses today, and used Genius Scan once again. I am really liking this application.

I take pictures of my receipts, as it is usually easier than trying to use a standard scanner later to make electronic copies. The problem with taking pictures of receipts is that they often come out at odd angles because of the angle of the camera or the fact that the receipt doesn’t always lay flat.

CameraPic GeniusScanPic I have an example, and it is a simple one. I took a picture of a taxi receipt, and I deliberately took it at an angle. I then used the Genius Scan app, which fixes the angle and then provides a nice and clear image that is also nicely compressed. The original picture was 1.4 MB, and the compressed version is about 300 KB. In the pictures here, I have manually compressed both files so that they won’t take up much bandwidth.

So, here are the “before” and the “after” for your review.

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