iPhone 4 Replacement Back Cover

The continuing saga…

Today, I went to the Post Office and picked up the new brushed aluminum back cover for my iPhone 4. I ordered it from Hong Kong on Oct 18th, and it arrived on Nov 5th, but I wasn’t home to sign for it. Of course, my previous post discussing the horror of breaking the glass back cover before the new one arrived.

Anyways, I picked it up about an hour ago, drove home and replaced the cover. It really is easy to do. You just have to unscrew the two tiny screws on the bottom of the phone, then push the back cover up to unhook it from the case, and it comes right off. The new one slid right on without any issues, and I put the screws back in.


BackGlassPlasticSideAnyways, I took a picture of the glass back cover from a couple of angles, as shown here. It is extremely thin. It is no wonder that  it breaks so easily. I also took a picture of the new back cover. I had to do that in the mirror. Any spots you see are spots on the mirror. I am not fanatic about keeping my mirrors spot free.

NewBackCover I like the new look of the phone with the brushed aluminum. It is very stylish, and also very functional. I am going to go out on a limb here and predict that the new back cover will not shatter like the old one did.

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