The Joys of Election Time

Whooo hooo! It is almost over. I did my duty and voted, but I have to admit that this was a tough one for me. It was definitely a choice between the lesser of two evils in many cases.

I was driving in to my client today and was listening to the radio. The announcers were killing me with their election stories, but my favorite was when one announcer provide the analogy for choosing between the lesser of two evils. He said he had a really tough time choose because, per the commercials, CandidateX kicks puppies and CandidateY puts duct tape on the feet of kittens so he can laugh at them when they walk funny. So, he had to choose which one bothered him the most, kicking puppies or being mean to kittens.

Anyways, the voting is done as far as I am concerned. I really do have some issues that I voted on that are near and dear to me, so I will be rooting them on.

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