It Isn’t Easy Being Geeky

I was talking to a good friend on the phone yesterday. Well, he was using a phone, and I was using a bluetooth earpiece connected to my computer and configured to use Skype.

It was during the call that I realized that being a geek has tremendous overhead in life. What? You don’t know what I mean? OK, first off, overhead is the cost involved to provide the process. For example, in order to drive a car, you have the overhead of insurance, repair and maintenance, and so on. So, I thought about the fact that my friend was talking to me via his phone (cost of probably around $45 because it is a wireless phone) and using a standard phone carrier (cost of about $35-55 a month). From my side, I had my earpiece ($195 retail) connected to my laptop ($2,877) and going through my Skype account (only $2.95 a month) which is connected through the wireless network in the hotel (free, but costing $10-15 a day in many hotels). That is one example.

I was talking to my friend about the problems with Fox and how they are negotiating their contracts with all of the cable and dish providers which is leading to Fox channels being blocked in lots of markets. He said, “What? Isn’t it free when you use an antenna hooked up to your TV?” I was stunned. Do people actually use antennas? Myself, I spend a little over $200 a month for my Dish Network account that connects to four different TVs in my house (all HD format) and I have my digital video recorders to “tape” my shows so I can watch some shows while recording others. I explained that and he said, “Huh? I just pick one show to watch. I don’t need to watch more than one show at a time.”

Well, I was a bit exasperated talking to this luddite. It made me wonder why I even have him as a friend. 🙂

To help feel better about myself, I called a geek friend, and we had a great discussion around the benefits of HDMI vs. Component cabling to connect an Xbox to a widescreen HD TV and whether it is better to use a wired ethernet connection or a wireless connection for video streaming to the TV using the Xbox as a media extender. Whew… I felt so much better.

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