Facebook Friends

Yes, I am on Facebook. I use it on a regular basis because it allows me to see what many of my friends are up in their lives. For example, I was able to find out that some friends:
    • lost jobs
    • got new jobs
    • lost loved ones
    • got new pets
    • sold/bought homes
    • are stressing over work or family life
    • are having health challenges (including cancer and other potential terminal illness)
    • love/hate certain TV shows or movies
    • have taken up new sports
    • went on trips
    • are pissed off at their favorite sports team
    • and so on…
Actually, in one of my favorite friend’s posts, a friend that I have not seen in years revealed that he loves his dog so much that when his dog passes gas, he pretends it was him. His dog is perfect and does not fart. Well, at least not that he is willing to admit to others. I still laugh out loud every time I think about that. I love my dogs, but I am not about to take the blame for their bad gas.
I really thought that Facebook would not be something that I wanted on my list of sites that I visit every day. However, it is actually a high point in my day in many cases. It is great to see pictures of new family additions (children, pets, etc.), it is great to hear what others are doing, and it is fun to share odd thoughts with all of my friends. While I still talk to many of my friends on the phone, via email, and through chat, it is great to be able to keep in touch with hundreds of people that I could not keep up with any other way. What has been even better is that I have been able to build up some old relationships that I regret not keeping up over the years.
OK, now to get to my point. Yeah, I really did have one when I started this diatribe.
A person on my friends list decided that he had too many people on his list and wanted to trim it. What he did was tell everyone to "move" him by posting about something that he would find interesting or moving about our lives so he could decide to keep us on his list. Wow…
Yes, I admit that I often trim my list of friends on Facebook because I think it should be a two way street. If I tell you about my life, I expect something in return. So, on a regular basis, I will delete people that just don’t seem to want to share. However, I have never asked my friends to audition in order to stay on my list.
Yeah, I solved the problem. I kicked him off my list. Open-mouthed smile
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