Kitchen Sink

Last weekend was challenging. I had the entire week off, and goofed off a great deal of it.
Recently, I got tired of the damn kitched sink making noise. If you turned on the hot water, and turned it on full blast, the faucet would make ugly shreiking noises like it was haunted. Then, the stupid side squirter decided that it didn’t want to work anymore. It was pissing me off.
Now, I am actually pretty handy with tools. Really, it is true. I am just too lazy. I would rather pay somebody to come in and do the work for me. In some extremes, I will try to con my wife into doing the tasks by saying that I am not around all the time and she needs to learn to be more self reliant. No such luck with this project because she was over visiting her mother or something. All I know is that she wasn’t there to respond to my every whim.
Anyways, I broke down and went to Home Depot and bought a new faucet and went home to start my project.
I am a big guy, so getting under the sink, getting the flashlight set up so I could see, and then getting up inside to remove the old faucet would take some uncomfortable work. I turned off the water – yeah, I learned from a show project a few years ago that this is a good idea. Next, I removed the old faucet without damaging the sink itself. Hey, I have a hammer and duct tape, so I was good to go.
I took a break and watched some baseball while deciding if I was motivated enough to finish the job. One of my kids came home, saw the mess and said, "Mom is going to kill you when she sees this mess, and the water doesn’t work in the house."
I broke down, popped in the new faucet, hooked up the new spray hose, turned on the water and all was well. Taking it out took about 20 minutes, putting in the new one took about 15 minutes. Adding in my baseball break and it took about two hours.
I put everything back underneath the sink, put all the tools away, and went back to watching baseball.
Guess who didn’t even notice that the faucet had been replaced with a brand new one that worked better and didn’t make noises?
After using the sink, doing some cooking and general household stuff, my wife went to go shopping. While she was gone, I went out to the trash, I got the packaging out for the new faucet, and I made a bit of a mess around the sink, and pulled out some stuff that was under it and put the stuff up on top of the counter next to the sink. I then went back to watching baseball.
This time, when she got home, she stomped around and cleaned up the mess that I made. She said, "Wow, I really like that new faucet, but why didn’t you clean up this mess? This is rediculous!"
I never told her the full story.
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