Jury Duty, again

Once again, I have been called for jury duty.
I have absolutely nothing against doing my duty. I would be glad to sit on a jury and render my verdict for somebody that is far from being my peer.
The problem is that I don’t meet the proper qualifications to be a jury member. I have too many relationships with those in law enforcement and many members of the legal system. I know way too many people. Of course, I also have a strong opinion on most matters, but it almost never gets that far. Usually, I am kicked out really early in the selection process. In most cases, it goes like this:
Judge: "Do any of you know the attorneys involved in this case? Do any of you know anything about the case at hand and have a predisposed opinion that is unlikely to be overcome by evidence provided in the case? Are any of you related to any party or know any party involved in the case?"
Me: "Yes, Yes, and Yes."
One time, it was absolutely hilarious. The judge introduced everyone involved in the case and explained what the case entailed. He then asked the basic questions. When I raised my hand to indicate that I met one of the criteria that he brought up, he asked me to elaborate. So, I said, "Your honor, I do not think I can be impartial in this case because:
  • I know the plantiff’s attorney and hold him in very low regard as an attorney.
  • I was involved in a similar lawsuit a few years ago.
  • The defendent is my insurance company.
  • I heard the plaintiff and his wife arguing outside of the court house this morning, and she said that she didn’t believe he was hurt.
Based on these facts, I don’t think I could be impartial."
Go figure that the judge dismissed the entire jury. Yet, they keep calling me for jury duty.
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