The Hypocricy at its Best

I am getting a little sick of hearing everyone demonize illegal aliens. Yes, they should not be here. I can’t and won’t argue that. However, nobody here, save the Native Americans, belongs here, so let’s try to get over that issue.
Everytime I hear somebody complain about the illegals, it comes off as hypocritical. It is a "Hey, I was here first, and I am closing the door after me" type of statement. It is a "Hey, I was lucky for the grace of God that I was born in the US" type of statement. The hypocricy makes me ill.
When I see documented workers (like second and later generation Americans) getting turned away from jobs working the fields, then I will be concerned. I don’t see the unemployed heading to the farms to work. Do you? If so, show me where. Show me a single documented worker that was unable to get a job working the fields. Please.
The other issue that tends to come up at the same time is the new AZ law. I hate it. The law takes away some of our freedoms. Some of my friends are willing to give up those freedoms, but I am not.
I love this blog post that helps people understand the issues with a simple analogy.
A couple of other articles that I highly recommend follow here:
Just for fun, let’s talk about those that scream that illegals should come here the legal way.
  • There is currently a back log of 15-23 years (depending on the numbers that you might believe) of Mexicans that are seeking to immigrate to the US. These numbers were based on 56,000 allowed per year from Mexico. That number has recently been cut to 1,700 a year. I think the current priority date is 1992 or 1993, meaning that those that applied at that time are finally being reviewed. So that is 17-18 years. Of course, just because those apps are being processed does not mean that they are being approved.
  • The number above applies to sponsored immigration, meaning that they have family that is sponsoring their entry. If a Mexican does not already have family in the US, getting approval to immigrate to the US is next to impossible.
  • H1B visas apply to only those with unique skills, such as high tech people. That rules out the vast majority of Mexicans for this type of immigration. Even if they qualified, there are only 65,000 being allowed per year at this time.

So, assuming you were a Mexican citizen and wanted to move to the US because of the great opportunities for you and your children, you would have to wait at least 17 years at this point to even be considered. Assuming that you were that person, would you really want to wait?

As to the new AZ law that has raised lots of concerns around the country. Yes, all that is required is a Governement issued ID such as a driver’s license. Of course, citizens are not required to carry such ID unless they are driving. But registered (here legally) aliens are required to carry proper ID. Does anyone have trouble seeing the issue? Let me help. If I am walking from my neighborhood pool to my house, and I am stopped by the police for any reason that they choose to make up, they can detain me because I am not carrying ID. This is true even if I am a citizen. Wait. I am not required to carry ID. Wait. I am being detained? So, what is the difference between being detained and arrested? Aren’t you being forced into a car against your will and taken away?
I also love the new AZ law in that it says that they can’t discriminate. Wait. Isn’t the whole freaking purpose of the law to help catch illegals? Can’t discriminate, but must catch illegals. Is anyone seeing an issue here? I will buy this whole can’t discriminate thing when I see the police hauling away a white couple walking their dog because they didn’t clean up its crap and they were stopped and could not provide ID. When that happens, I will guy the whole lack of discriminiation thing.
As I have stated over and over, the whole AZ thing has me pissed off because it now forces us to carry papers to identify ourselves to avoid being detained. I am a citizen of the United States. I am a FREE citizen of the United States. I have rights provided to me via the constitution. I can ride all over the country as a passenger in somebody’s car without having any ID. I can buy train tickets and ride all over the country without having to have ID. Yet, according to the AZ law, I can be detained against my will without just cause for detention if I am asked to provide ID to prove that I am a legal resident.
Wow. I just don’t understand why people think this is OK and are willing to give up their freedom. To each their own, but I am not willing.
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