Dear Kid McDaniels

Dear Kid,
It is time you look around a bit and realize just how your behavior has impacted our Denver Broncos. There is only one game left in the season, and a play off berth is on the line. Yet, you just can’t seem to pull your head out and see the light. 
  1. You inherited a team that had one of the second best offense in football and tore it apart and made it into a crappy dink and dump offense that is barely even mediocre (19th so far this year). The Broncos have always been a great rushing team. Even last year with so many players hurt, they could still move the ball on the ground. You marketed yourself as some kind of offensive genius, but the team regressed horribly this year.
  2. You made horrible use of your personnel. Tony Scheffler was an incredible weapon last year. He had more catches for a much higher yards/catch in fewer games last year. Obviously, he was not utilized properly. The same is true of Eddie Royal. Royal was a stud last year, but you just can’t seem to find a way to get the ball to him. Royal had over 90 catches his rookie year, but only has 37 so far this year. You managed to waste his and several other good players with a poorly designed offense. Don’t even get me started on Peyton Hillis and the complete waste of his talent out of the back field. You managed to scheme an offense that didn’t take advantage of the talents of your players.
  3. You made horrible use of your draft choices. #1 pick Moreno never broke 100 yards all year. In fact, he didn’t gain more than 1 yard on over 35% of his runs, and I believe that a 3.8 average per carry is the worst from a Broncos feature back ever. #1 pick Ayers has a total of 18 tackles. No sacks. No interceptions. #2 Alck Quinn has 0 that is ZERO catches and has made almost no contribution at all. #2 pick (cost us a #1 next year) Alphonso Smith has not even been able to hold the nickle back position and only has 14 tackles so far this year and no interceptions. So, basically, your top 4 picks were a terrible waste this year. Any other coach would be getting grilled over this lack of production and poor draft, but you seem to have gotten away with it so far.
  4. You acted likea punk when you benched Marshall because you don’t think he was being tough enough after hurting himself in practice. Since when did you earn your MD that enables you to physically evaluate the injuries of players? You also acted like a punk when you benched Scheffler as well, especially since he has only complained that he wants the ball more and wants to contribute more. Three of the three best receivers last year are sitting out the final (Marshall hurt/benched, Scheffler benched, and Royal is hurt). So, our team will have nobody to catch the ball in our last game this season. ESPN just got done slamming you for your behaviour regarding Marshall and his injury, so it isn’t just me.
  5. You acked like a punk to start the season with your conflicts with players. You are supposed to be the more mature person when it comes to you and players, but it sure doesn’t come across the way.
  6. You look like an idiot on the sideline with that stupid hoodie that you wear. Not only is it stupid because you look like a 12 year old, but it is even stupider because you are copying your former boss. OK, this has nothing to do with your doing a poor job of coaching, it is just a symptom of your lack of maturity.
Overall, I am far from impressed with your input to the Broncos this year. The only thing you did well was to bring in a good defensive coordinator that somehow made it all work despite the lack of investment in good players over the off-season and through the draft. I commend you for bring in Nolan, but the rest of the year has shown that you just don’t have the ability and lack the maturity to do the job.
Please take this off-seaon and grow up. Learn how to work with your players. Learn how to use their skills.
A fan that loves the game, but hates to see you leading his favorite team.
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