Denver Broncos and McD

I hate to see Cutler being traded. I keep hearing how he is immature and needs to grow up. However, I have been trying to take the big picture view of all of it.
First off, we need to remember how good the offense was last year, and that was with 100 running backs on the DL (actually, it was like 7 or 8). So, Shanny gets fired, which was deserved with the inability for him to get a good defense in place despite it being a weakness for a few years.
In comes McD to save the day. Myself, I am thinking this was  a stupid hire. The Broncs need a good defenisive mind. The offense needed no work. What does McD do? He signs another 100 running backs, all second or third stringers from other teams when Hillis showed that he was a super stud before he got hurt and a couple of other RBs already on the roster are also thought of as really top quality. To address the defense, he signs a safety that is 70 years old to a four year contract, and then spends over a million on a long snapper even though he had one already signed to a much smaller contract that hadn’t had a bad snap in years. I am beginning to doubt McD is the man just based on his first steps. Then he announces that he wants to trade his stud TE that is well known as a great receiving TE because his new offense doesn’t really use receiving TEs. Hmmm, remember why Graham left New England? Because he wasn’t anything more than a glorified lineman in the NE offense and wanted to go where his skills fit better. So, the answer? Trade Scheffler and put Graham back where he was a few years ago.
Did I mention that the offense was top-notch last year? WTF is McD doing changing the offense around that was already good? Did I mention that he really hasn’t addressed the defense needs yet?
Next, he tries to trade for Cassel, who is making a billion dollars and replace Cutler who has made a name for himself and has a really low cap number. Not only does he try to make the trade, he then lies to Cutler about it. Hmm, who is immature here? The liar or the QB that was just dissed by his coach? Did I mention that the offense was top-notch last year and that Cutler played in the Pro Bowl?
After being caught lying, McD ties to cover his tail and tries to make up with Cutler. What does he do? He says, yeah, Cutler is our guy, but if we get a good offer, he can be traded just like anyone else. Yep, that is a great way to instill trust. Tell your franchise player that he might still be traded even though he is your guy. Oh yeah, its not like I would not be pissed off. So, another face to face meeting… same behavior from the coach. Isn’t it the coach’s job to build trust with his players?
Things get worse because Cutler is fed up with what he hears from his coach. He is told that he is the man, BUT, he might be traded at any point. Gee, why didn’t he like to hear that?
Anyways, Cutler is gone, the Broncs got a couple of draft pics and a worthless QB.
So, the starting point: Good offense, bad defense. The steps: Coach gets caught lying and pisses off the franchise QB and fails to do a good job fixing things. The end result: New crappy QB, a suspect offense (a downgrade from last year) and no real improvement in the defense other than a really old Safety and a couple of defensive backs, but not a single quality lineman.
Yeah, count me in as fan that is far from happy. Those draft picks better be used to get some super studs and make everyone forget how screwed up everything is now with our rookie coach.
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