My Puppy as an Adult

As a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence, I get the joy of raising wonderful little bundles of fur into fully mature dogs ready to take on the world.
My second puppy, Emile, was the model of all such puppies. He just seemed to understand from day one what was ahead for him, and not only did he accept it, he thrived on it.
Emile is assigned locally. That means I get to see him every now and then, but there is no better way to see him than in an article in the Denver University magazine. Emile is at the bottom of the article here on DU students and faculty that utilize service dogs. Becki, his person, just adores him, and he adores her, too. They are the perfect match.
Linked to this article is another article about service dogs. This article features a picture of a good friend and two wonderful puppies in training. I am so proud of these people!
If you are looking for a good program to donate some of your hard earned money, I can’t recommend CCI enough.
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