RIP Microwave Oven 1995-2007

It has been tough around here recently. The Dishwasher died and had to be replaced. The toaster has been causing all sorts of havoc, and the can opener came apart with more than one screw loose.
Wednesday, the Microwave passed sometime during the night. I woke up to see it no longer was receiving power. Of course, I immediately jumped into action. I checked the breaker switches. Nothing had tripped in the breaker box. Next, I checked for any electrical problems. I verified that that the outlets were all working. Still, no power. After a reasonable period of grief, I made a trip to Best Buy and purchased a new microwave.
Microwave Oven, 1995 – 2007
After heating several thousands of meals and snacks, it failed to wake up and heat up a muffin.
The Microwave oven was dedicated to its job and was incredibly dependable over the years. It made popcorn even though it hated the noise that it made while cooking. It always did its best and was incredibly easy to run.
The Microwave is survived by the Fridge (6 years old), the dishwasher (3 months), the toaster (7 years), the coffee machine (four years), and the coffee grinder (3 months).
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