More Appliances Acting Up

Damn it. First the toaster started getting an attitude driving us to couples therapy. The resolution is that I now position the toaster so it can see the TV and it feels more a part of the family since it can watch the same TV shows.
Last night, it was the dish washer. It just decided that it didn’t want to work anymore. It is almost brand new. At first I didn’t realize that it was acting out since it is one of those ultra-quiet models that you can’t hear unless you are standing right next to it. So the first time it acted out, I assumed that I forgot to start it, so I ran it again. It was the next day that I noticed that it didn’t run again.
The dish washer claims that it is not being treated properly by the dogs. I just don’t get it. The dogs don’t do anything to the dish washer. Anyways, I set up a web cam. It turns out that the dish washer is right. One of the dogs does indeed seem to do something. It stops by the dish washer on a regular basis and passes gas. I trained him not pass gas around me (which by the way is extremely difficult to do), so when he has to pass gas, he takes a little walk around the house and then comes back.
Anyways, I certainly understand the dish washer’s issue. According to my web cam, it appears to happen at least once an hour. I told the dish washer I would try to resolve the issue but would need at least two days. It agreed to run and clean the dishes while I am at work today.
Now I need to figure out what to do next.
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