Bluetooth Car

I love Christmas. I always make sure to buy myself the best present possible. This year, it was bluetooth for my car.
Yep, that is right. Bluetooth for my car.
No, it is not a configurable device in the laptop, but I did find out that I can play MP3s from my laptop on my car stereo. That was kind of a cool feature that I will never use. It would really be slick if I could use my laptop to start the car, check all of my car properties, and reconfigure it, but that is still a pipe dream.
What did I get from it? I got a new stereo that is bluetooth enabled. The stereo recognizes my bluetooth enabled phone and configures it to use the car’s stereo as a hands free device. I have nice little microphone and the stereo speaks play the caller’s voice. Anytime somebody calls, the stereo mutes itself, and the car answers the phone. I say "hello" and can start talking to the caller. When the call is over, the stereo takes over just where it left off. I can also play the MP3s from my phone on the stereo if I want. I can also use voice commands to dial outgoing numbers. For fun, I also programmed presets with common phone numbers, so it is one button to make a call.
This is what all hands free cell calls should be like in cars. Nice and safe and no need to take my hands off the wheel at any time. I love it.
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