What to do with 27 inches of Snow

Yep, it is true. We had a nice snow storm the other day. Many people were stranded in their cars, other stranded at work, and some stranded at the airport and even in buses and trains.
My biggest problem, since I was off of work anyways, was how many blankets to use. Yep, I was nice and cozy and well insulated in my goose down/goose feather blanket. Oddly, the label says nothing about what happened to the geese (assuming it was more than one goose involved)so that their down and feathers suddenly became available. I have some suspicians, but I just don’t have time to investigate.
Anyways, the toughest thing about this storm is probably going to be digging out the entire driveway. As many know, it is pretty big, and it all needs to be done, as well as parking spaces in front of the house, so that people can park when they come over to make Tamales. For that, I will enlist small people with a strong desire to make money with their shovels. They are also known as neighborhood kids.
I can’t wait to see what they do with all of the snow. I can only imagine that I will have a 7 foot pile in my front yard since that is really the only place it can go. I did the math. I measured the front yard, I measured the driveway, and I measured the front area for parking. According to my math, I will one huge wamping (yep, that really is a term of measurement) pile of snow in my front yard.
I will let everyone know if my math works out when the work is completed. I have contracted for completion by end of business on Saturday. Of course, not many kids understand what that means.
Update: The rest of the snow was shoveled into the front yard, but the math did not work. I actually watched the process, and as each shovel full was thrown into the front yard, it appeared to be absorbed by the receiving snow and had no real impact on the depth. Perhaps there is a density property that needs to be included as part of the overall formula.
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