Frozen Chicken

Another dream…
Last night I dreamt that I was at the grocery store and was just walking into the meat department when I heard a really loud "thwap" sound.
I turned the corner and I saw a woman throwing fresh chickens at the back of her husband’s head. It would make a noise, she yelled out a number, then the meat guy put a price tag on the chicken. I watched this happen about four times and finally asked somebody what was going on? It appears that the scale was broken for weighing chickens, and the woman and husband were commedians. Part of their comedy act included a skit where she throws a fresh chicken at her husband as he storms out of the room. Anyways, over the years, she has learned what sound a chicken will make based on its weight. When the scale broke, the meat department manager called her and her husband in to help out.
I picked up a chicken and got in line. Along it went… chicken handed to woman, she threw it at her husband’s head, it made a noise, she yelled out the weight, the meat market guy put a price on it and gave it to the person to go and buy it.
I finally got up front, handed her my chicken. She threw it, and it hit the guy in the back of the head with a loud, "ccrracckk" noise. He fell over dead.
I guess I wasn’t supposed to give her a frozen chicken. Oh well, lesson learned.
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