Great Cigar Weekend

Ahhh, it is over, but it was a good weekend nonetheless.
Friday, I flew to Tampa to meet two good friends, Mike Bell and Rodney R. Fournier for a weekend of fun. Mike lives in the area, so we stayed at his place.
Friday night, we had dinner at a local steak house. I had a 2 pound cut (yes, two pounds of meat) of prime rib and all the fixings. No, I had no plans to eat it all. I planned on eating half and having the other half with eggs for breakfast on Saturday morning. From the steak house, we went to Y-bor and toured 7th. It was a pretty good time, and I got a chance to buy some nice cigars. I bought some CAO Sopranos and gave the box to Mike’s wife since she seemed to like it. Rod was going to buy the other Soprano’s cigars and then decided not to get it. Later, he changed his mind, but it was too late as somebody else bought them up. I also ended up buying a really nice Cuesta Rey humidor filled with 51 cigars of varying sizes and shapes. We ended Friday night with a nice smoke in Mike’s back yard.
Saturday, we had breakfast (yes, the rest of the prime rib was perfect) and played a round of golf and smoked cigars during the round. What an ugly game, but I have to say that it was pretty good considering that I haven’t even picked up my clubs over the last 6 months or so. After a shower, went to a local mall where Rod bought two boxes of CAO Sopranos cigars. We then had dinner at a local dive which had great slow roasted pork. Then it was off to the Thompson cigar show. After collecting many smokes, and enjoying the site of all of the booth babes, we talked to a few of our favorite cigar people. I made sure to thank Rocky Patel for making so many great smokes. He thanked me for being a good customer and said he would continue to do his best for customers like me. Next, I said hello to Nick Perdomo, Jr. He is a great guy and Perdomo makes some of my favorite smokes. After cruising around the floor some more, I noticed Rod was talking to Aylin Ozgener at the CAO booth, so I went and joined in on the conversation which was about the Sopranos cigars. To summarize the conversation, CAO is going to continue offering the Sopranos cigars, but they can not sell them over the Internet because of a licensing agreement with HBO. We told her to that we were looking forward to the Big Smoke in Vegas and asked her to bring us some Soprano’s.
After the Thompson cigar show, we again went to Y-bor and walked around a bit. Rod decided to buy the same Cuesta Rey humidor and cigar combination that I bought on Friday night. Damn, he spent the entire week copying me. He even bought the same 3,000 capacity humidor for his house that I have right before the trip.
Anyway, Sunday rolled around and it was time to head home. I caught my flight without any problems and made it home in time to catch the second set of NFL games and witnessed my fantasy football team get totally smoked.
I wish every weekend was so much fun.
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