Goodbye Mid-Life Crisis

Seven years ago, in October, I purchased my 1982 Corvette. I feel in love with it, bought it, and brought it home. All of my friends called it the Mid-Life Crisis.
Well, seven years later, life has changed:
My left knee is shot and it just kills me getting in and out of the ‘vette.
I now have my Burgman scooter to drive in nice weather, and to be honest, I like riding it more than driving the ‘vette.
Gas is starting to get up there, too.
I know I will miss my 24 year old Chevy. It still drove like a dream. I loved that I could drive at 55mph and it would run at 1,900 RPM. It barely had to stress itself at that speed. Plus with the T-Tops off, it was a really nice warm weather ride. Life changes, so, seven years and 28,532 miles later, I decided to sell it. That doesn’t sound like much, but I really did try to drive it on a regular basis. The odometer was at 64,334 when I sold it.
I just had to replace the Corvette, though, so today I bought a PT Cruiser Convertible with the Turbo 2.4L engine. Personally, I do not like the hard top PT Cruiser. I don’t like the lines of it, but the convertible has a much different look, and I love the way it feels. Plus, it is easy to get into and out of it since it has higher seats. I would never get the PT Cruiser without the turbo, either. It just doesn’t have enough guts without the turbo.
It has been an interesting weak. Out goes one car, in comes another. To acknowledge the changing of the guard, I am going to smoke a good cigar and get some sleep.
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