Lack of Common Sense

I often say in my classes that there is no such thing as common sense. Amazing as it sounds, it is true.
You can put a sticker on an iron that say, do not press against your face as it will cause searing pain and possibly permanent damage. Somebody, though, just has to test it out.
Anyways, on my recent trip to NYC, I was at the Denver ridding in an elevator. It was going up. We came to the next floor, and the doors opened. This lady was waiting for the elevator and she asked, "Is this one going up or down?" Before I could say a word, the guy next to me said, "Gee, is the big freaking blinking light not enough of a clue for you?" Before she could react, the door closed, without her getting on, and away we went.
The guy next to me said, "Sorry if I was rude, but that just annoys the hell out of me when people can’t pull their heads out long enough to look around."
I laughed and said, "I was about to high-five you, but the door closed before I had a chance."
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