There, I feel so much better.
I just canceled my account with They used to monitor one of my web sites and collect visitor stats. I found a better way to get the same data, so I cancelled my account. Granted, it was only $4.95 per month, but I don’t like throwing away money.
OK, so I go to the web site, I dig around and finally find where I can unsubscribe from their service. When I enter my information, it says that I have to call to cancel. Great. This alone pisses me off because they let you subscribe online, but to unsubscribe you have to talk to a person.
I call their 800 number, give them the account information, and then the guy starts asking me all sorts of information. He says he wants to verify my identity. OK, that is fine, but I already gave him all of the account information just for that reason. He has my account on the screen. I verified with him that he has my account on his screen. He says, yep, got it right here, but I need to verify that it is you. Well, I just gave you all the information so that you can get there. Now, cancel the account.
He did a song and dance, so I demanded a supervisor. I told him that trying to make unsubscribing painful is not the way to retain business. It is a good way to piss me off, though. He started to ask me more questions, but I put a stop to it and said to cancel the account now. I don’t have time for 20 questions, and I don’t feel like playing. They have all the info they need as I gave it to them so they could find my account and open it up.
After telling him that I will just go through my credit card company and challenge the last three months, he finally agreed to just cancel the account.
Whew. What a pain.  
Before the phone call, I would have recommended them. They did a great job for a small charge. After the phone call, I not only will not recommend them, I decided to bitch here where everyone can see it.
Hmmm, think they will figure out that they need to change? I doubt it.
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