Star Trek Analogy

Reading Karla’s Blog, I had to laugh. I am guilty. I used a Star Trek analogy the other day.
BTW, on a a side note, Karla doesn’t have her picture on her blog, but she is a hot babe!
OK, back to what happened. The other day I was talking to one of our service desk guys. He is a real nice kid of 19 years and he didn’t understand attribute inheritance and why it seemed to work in some cases and it didn’t work in others.
I must have tried 8 different ways of explaining it before I used a Star Trek analogy. I told him that in past episodes, there were transporter problems where copies of some characters were made. I pointed out that in other cases characters moved between shows (i.e. Worf and his work on DS9).
Copy – A copy is a clone. It does not inherit the attributes of the original. For example, if the original had an awesome car and a hot girl friend, the clone doesn’t automatically get one (although in the show, he tried). Also, when Riker was copied, his copy didn’t automatically assume the same rank in Star Fleet. The copy inherits attributes from its new environment. The copied Riker, for example, had t live on the planet while the original flew away on the Enterprise.
Move – When Worf moved from TNG to DS9, they didn’t strip him of rank and take away all of his weapons and awards and such. He got to take them with him.
For some reason, after hearing this rather poor analogy, everything clicked with this kid and he was extremely happy.
I would like to take this time to apologize to the community at large for resorting to Star Trek analogies. I feel so dirty!
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