Another Dream

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and told her how my Kangaroo dream post was getting a large number of hits. She laughed at me and basically said that I am just a strange person. I then told her about another dream of mine, and she confirmed that I definitely need help.
Anyway, I figured that since I shared it with her, then it would be OK to share my dream with everyone else.
Basically, I was in my back yard talking to the vegetation. In my dream, I laid on my back on the grass and talked to all of the plants in my yard. The trees, the bushes, the potted plants, and even the weeds. The grass thanked me for keeping it trimmed and healthy through consistent fertilization and watering. To show its appreciation, the grass gave me a nice massage using it little edges and a soothing waving motion. It was so nice and enjoyable. The other plants encourage the grass to keep it up as they also appreciated my tending them. The weeds were the only exception as they knew that I was planning to yank them out any day.
After a few minutes, I sat up and thanked the grass and the other plants for their appreciation. It really made me feel good. Then one of the potted plants spoke up and told me that it was a bit disconcerted and really at odds with my cigar smoking. Cigars, after all, are made of leaves of fermented tobacco, and it is burned during the smoking process. The other plants also chimed in. They didn’t know what to do think of this behavior. They were at odds since the tobacco was obviously dead, but at the same time, they really hated the use of fire to destroy the leaves.
I explained how much care and love I give my cigars. I told them how I keep them in a special place in the house and how I honor them with special environmental controls. I told them how I basically give them a second life and how much I enjoy the cigars.
The plants discussed the situation back and forth and debated whether cigar smoking was good or bad.
After many minutes of discussion, they came to the conclusion that cigar smoking was indeed a good thing as it gave plants like the tobacco leaf a chance to continue to please humanity after their death. They saw it as a good life for the tobacco plants after their death as other plants just decayed and re-fed the soil when they died.
Of course, this turned into an entirely new conversation among the plants and they talked of ways that they might all contribute after their death. The potted plants were still upset, though, as they were annuals while the other plants in the yard would continue their lives for many seasons. I have decided that potted plants are just disruptive and way too vocal.
It was as the potted plants expressed their displeasure with being annuals that I woke up.
Now, I am trying to think of ways to make the potted plants feel better.
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