Odd Dream

I think I am losing my mind. If anyone wants to interpret this dream, feel free.
Anyway, I had a dream last night that really was odd. It started off with me visiting the house where I grew up and walking into my old bedroom.
For some reason, there is a 20′ boat in the bedroom, which did not seem unusual to me. I looked at the boat and said to myself "Dude, I can take this boat and put it on the lake and use it. I can put a bar in it and a bed and it can be my favorite drinking place." For anyone analyzing this dream, I rarely drink.
I climb into the boat so I can undo all the rope holding it into place and I find a bunch of Kangaroo costumes. Yes, Kangaroo costumes. Two of them are in perfect condition and the others are pretty worn out. I take out all the costumes and forget about the boat while I try them on. The one costume fits perfectly and I begin hopping around the house. It is so much fun.
I see my Mom and she tells me that Kangaroo costumes were all the rage in the early 1960’s and that everyone wore them to parties. She said it was like wearing a Tux to high-end parties today, except you could wear Kangaroo costumes at any party and be considered hip and with it.
I then run into my sister and she gets all upset because I have the two best costumes and the rest of them are too worn for her to wear any of them. She tells me that it isn’t fair that she doesn’t get one of the good costumes. So I tell her that she can use one of the really worn ones and use it for a pattern to make a new one for herself. She then pouts and throws a fit about not being able to just go out and buy a new one because she can’t afford it.
Of course, as in real life, all arguments with my sister evolve into arguments about money (no analysis needed for this part). As she gets on her soap box, I try to derail her and point out all the money that I have given her in the last year. Her reply is hilarious. She said, "When does the year end and when do I get a fresh start so I can get more money?"
At this point, I put my Kangaroo head on and hop out of the house (the kangaroo head blocks out my sister’s whining). I hop all the way to my house and try to go inside, but my dog won’t let me in. He, obviously, has a problem with Kangaroos. I don’t remember him ever having a bad experience with Kangaroos before, so it really struck me as odd. He just refused to let me in the house.
I decide to take off my costume and go into my house to have a cold soda, and then I sit down to watch football on TV.
At this point, the alarm went off and I woke up. After getting dressed I went outside and looked around. I can’t find that freaking Kangaroo costume. It would be so cool for Halloween!
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5 Responses to Odd Dream

  1. treepanda says:

    This is SO my favorite one of yours!

  2. Professor Karla says:

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