New York

Aaahhh, being back at work after a trip out of Colorado actually is extremely nice. I feel much better sitting in my own chair again.
I loved the trip to NYC, though. Lots of late night fun, lots of good food, lots of good company, and lots of hard work.
My favorite niece is a big time theatre buff, so I am sure she is jealous of my trip. I wish I could have seen another show or two while I was there, but I just didn’t plan the trip well when it came to seeing shows. My niece told me about getting discount tickets and how it was kind of a "hush hush" thing where native New Yorkers can get same day tickets at great discounts for many of the shows. While I did confirm that it was pretty easy to get discount tickets to almost all of the older shows (forget Spamalot and Wicked – no way are you getting cheap tickets there yet), I didn’t see anything "hush hush" about a huge ticket outlet in the middle of time square with big signs with "tickets" in extremely large red letters all over it.
While in NYC, I had a chance to see Spamalot which was fantastic. I also saw Wicked, which is a great show as well. Next time, I will make sure to get in a few other shows. Some thoughts about these two…
Spamalot – I don’t think I could say enough about how great this show was. David Hyde Pierce (well known for his role as Niles on Frasier) was incredible as Robin, the cowardly knight, Tim Curry was great as King Arthur, and Eric Idle was… well, Eric Idle. Christopher Sieber was great in his role as Dennis Galahad. I have to admit that I was not keen on Sara Ramirez as the Lady of the Lake, but she blew me away. She was incredible. Yes, there were some very predictable scenes (doh!), but there were some awesome plot twists and additional scenes (i.e. Laker Girls) that were just what I hoped for when I went to the show. I have decided that I really need some coconut shells.
Wicked – Yes! It was fantastic. Megan Hilty played the role of Ga’linda (later Glinda) and blew me away. She was wonderfully bubbly and fit the role perfectly. Considering this show is her debut on Broadway, I don’t think anyone could make a bigger splash. Not to be outdone, Soshanna Bean as Elphaba, showed an intense voice with great range. I could listen to her sing all night. Ben Vareen could have been so much better, but he did a good and professional job. I was disappointed with Rue McClannaha, though. She just didn’t impress me in the role. I can imagine many others that would have done a much better job. I also would like to commend David Ayers and Michelle Federer for excellent performances. Overall, I have to say that Wicked deserves every bit of attention it gets. The story line is awesome, and the members of the show really did a great job.
Other than the fun of Broadway, I also had the chance to get a Nathan’s hot dog and several slices from Ray’s Original Pizza. The several slices came in several trips, so what is several raised to the several power? Yeah, a huge gob of pizza.
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