Wild Critters in the Neighborhood

I should have had my camera today. It was the perfect day to take pictures of all of the wild creatures that live in my neighborhood. OK, I do live real close to a preserved open area of several hundred acres, but that isn’t the point. My neighborhood is also full of wild life. When they built the neighborhood, they put a string of four large ponds (the size of about half a city block) through the neighborhood with a walking trail around them. The trail from the neighborhood ponds comes right up to the trail head of the open area.
Anyways… Today, while walking the dog and listening to MP3s (no, there is no Star Wars stuff on my player), I saw the following:
1. A buttload (metric buttload) of rabbits including two little babies that almost became dog food. I saw them in my front yard, all around my neighborhood, and in the open area.
2. A wood pecker. It was in a tree about two blocks from my house.
3. Several muskrats. One lives in the ponds by the house. I also saw a great deal of them in the open area in the large ponds there.
4. Several ducks and ducklings. There is a breeding pair of Mallards in the neighborhood ponds, and I also saw many other varieties of ducks in the open area ponds.
5. Two geese and six gosslings. There is a breeding pair of geese in neighborhood ponds. I didn’t see any other than in the ponds.
6. A buttload (English buttload this time) of prairie dogs in the open area.
7. A fox chasing a rabbit in the open area.
9. A red tail hawk hunting in the open area.
10. A bald eagle also hunting in the open area. There is a nesting pair in the open area. Every time I see one, I am just blown away by how their size. They are huge.
11. Several frogs. We have many frogs in our ponds, and I also saw some around the ponds in the open area.
12. A pair of pelicans that just happen to be visiting our ponds.
13. Three white cranes of unknown breed.
14. Several ring tailed quail that the dog scared up in the open area.
15. A coyote trotting through the open area.
16. Many varieties of birds of all sorts. I really like the red wing black birds. They are so cool and make some really neat noises when you get by their nests.
17. Two horned toads in the open area.
Other creatures that were not necessarily wild (I wouldn’t know if they are wild since I have never met them) include:
1. Four hot babes jogging in the open area.
2. Three hot babes mountain biking in the open area.
3. Two hot babes walking their dogs in the neighborhood, and three hot babes walking their dogs in the open area.
4. Several hot babes leaving the library of the Junior College that I walk by on the way home from the open area (damn, I wish I were younger).
5. One hot babe trying to get a good picture of the bald eagles.
6. A couple of drunk fishermen (fat doofus types) in the open area trying to catch something in the ponds.
I managed to see all of this while walking my dog, and we only went about 4 miles today.
All in all, on my way home I thought about how good my life is, and I had to conclude it is pretty great. People wonder why I turn down jobs all the time just because they would require me to move. Well, today, it was really obvious to me why I will never move out of this area.
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