Home Land Security

As I am eating a great meal of Sushi in Orlando last week, I noticed a strange incident.

A small white van came up to the hotel and loaded several geeks (yes, it was easy to ID them as geeks as they were all wearing their Microsoft shirts and carrying their new and very ugly Tech Ed bags). "Hmmm," I thought to myselft, "that didn’t look like a conference shuttle." My next thought was, "Why in the world would anyone want a van full of geeks?"

Aha! I let my imagination run free for a few minutes (this can be scary when eating raw fish, BTW). My imagination took me to the scenario of terrorists needing help securing their networks against Home Land Security teams of geeks trying to penetrate their firewalls. Of course, Orlando had a good supply of geeks last week, so it was perfect fishing for these organizations to stock up on their supplies.

Five minutes later, the van comes by and out come two geeks (hey, they look like ones that the van just picked up). "Why would they return them," I wondered. Yep, I was sure of it… they were developers.

After thinking about this incident that never really occured except in my wild imagination, I decided to look less geek like in the future. I would hate to be taken to some small dingy basement and forced to apply group policies to secure servers. Wait… crap, that is what I do every day anyways. I wonder if I could at least get free pizza…

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