I Won, Part II

I blogged earlier about how I finally won a free liter (litre for some of you) of Coke from the stupid (yes, they are stupid because I don’t win) bottle caps.

Since that blog entry, I have had 47 more chances to win (the odds are 1 in 6). I have not won again.

I thought to myself, "Self, we are getting screwed." I am sure I am right. The odds of not winning are 5/6 or 83.33%. For me to not win the odds would be (5/6)^47 = some super incredibly small number. I think it must be close to the odds of winning the power ball lottery and getting 500 bazillion dollars.

Crap! Damn you Mr. Fate. I wasted those incredible odds on not winning another free coke when I could be super rich and using $20’s to blow my nose.

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